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47 definitions by sweet jesus

(Facetious and Derogatory) Describing a person who looks stupid while wearing glasses
''hey four eyes should have been to specsavers!''
by sweet jesus October 05, 2006
110 68
Someone who boasts about themselves
''that guy is a right show-off you know!''
by sweet jesus June 22, 2006
58 22
(1.A derogatory term for a Jew.
(2.A derogatory term for a German.


Hymie is derived from the stereotypical Jewish name Hyman (originally Chaim) and the German name Herman. Hyman is commonly shortened to Hymie.

Hymie is not popular these days but other racial slurs such as kike ,kyke ,yid, sheeny are mostly used today to disrespect.

''oi hymie hows ya sister!!''
*gets pistol and shoots ther guy until hes fucked with blood*
by sweet jesus June 27, 2006
84 54
Heterosexuality refers to sexual, and romantic attraction exclusively between two individuals of opposite genders. It is characterised as a sexual orientation, contrasted with homosexuality and bisexuality. see heterosexual.In slang straight is a mid-20th century gay slang term for heterosexuals.
''Heterosexuality love between two individuals of opposite genders''
by sweet jesus July 04, 2006
41 13
Very thin and bony from a disease,hunger or cold
''my god he looks so gaunt! poor guy!''
by sweet jesus June 22, 2006
46 21
A good friend
homie homeboy
''hes one hell a good buddie man!''
by sweet jesus June 09, 2006
31 12
Describing someone who is very skinny in a non derogatory manner
''man your skin and bones put some weight on!!''
by sweet jesus July 15, 2006
23 7