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47 definitions by sweet jesus

A derogatory nickname applied to an overweight person
''oi! porky get ya ass over ere!''
by sweet jesus June 12, 2006
a person like a snitch who gossips or passes someones personal information on to another person.
''you fucking grasser!''
by sweet jesus March 08, 2006
a person who sets fire to anything to cause serious damage in the streets or on buildings using molotov cocktails any of the black market weapons
''fuckin hell! that arsonist looks like he's gona really do damage on that fuckin building!''
by sweet jesus February 26, 2006
A prank which annoys the neighborhood. A person (anyone) goes up to a random door rings the doorbell then runs to hide behind something and watches the stupidity of the person answering it and repeated every time until the person gets pissed.
''one more kid who does knock down ginger on me gets and whacked ass ''god!''!''
by sweet jesus May 31, 2006
Iroquois is a powerful and influencial group, first nations/native americans. Their hairstyle, the mohican or mohawk is very well known around the world for punk culture.
Iroquois is a powerful race
by sweet jesus May 09, 2006
Robert Swire AKA Anscenic, is the lead singer and producer of Australian drum and bass band Pendulum.

He is originally from Perth, Western Australia but relocated to the United Kingdom in 2003 with fellow Pendulum co-founders Gareth McGrillen and Paul "El Hornet" Harding.
Swire has since fulfilled a broad spectrum of roles as a member of Pendulum, ranging from song writing to singing while performing live with an guitar-like MIDI controller – Starr Labs Ztar Z6-SP.
''Rob Swire is sick''
by Sweet Jesus June 01, 2009
A stupid person ,the anus. Another way to call someone a arsehole,Asshole
''You stupid bumhole!''
by sweet jesus April 29, 2006