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47 definitions by sweet jesus

The opposite to fat and means thin and what most women want to be.
''wow! shes slimmer than me''
by sweet jesus June 01, 2006
106 133
Another name to call a blowjob or hand job
''hey girl give us a Tug Job!''
by sweet jesus March 08, 2006
99 167
A derogatory term for Someone who is seriously addicted to taking Lysergic Acid Diethymide (LSD)
''Getting drugged up I guess acidhead!''
by sweet jesus May 25, 2006
10 80
The leader of the BNP. (British National Party) The BNP are a openly racist party which they only depend on white people.
''fuck off nick griffin''
by sweet jesus May 12, 2006
454 592
Can be referred as derogatory, offensive and racist.

A Pakistani or more generally, a person who is perceived to be a Pakistani often applied to persons of any South Asian or Middle Eastern origin or indeed immigrant. Although deriving from the word Pakistan ,Paki became offensive during the 1960s when used by british citizens to refer to immigrants in a racist manner.
'' fuckin paki why being rude!''
by sweet jesus July 14, 2006
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