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Most commonly known as a member of the crew of an oil rig other than the driller. It can also mean cruel and brutal person.
Toby Keith used to be a roughneck, his father was also one.
by Swarsfanatic June 01, 2005
Slang term for sexual intercourse.
She got pregnant because she and her boyfriend had been rolling in the hay.
by Swarsfanatic May 11, 2005
A country in North America that became independent from Spain in 1810.
Let's go down to Mexico!
by Swarsfanatic June 01, 2005
February 26, 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas - September 12, 2003 in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Country singer, Outlaw Country Movement.

Married June Carter Cash.

Was known as the "Man In Black".

11 Grammys, Country Music Hall of Fame, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.
Johnny Cash's last single before he died was "Hurt".
by Swarsfanatic May 15, 2005
Association for

A sport most popular in the South Eastern part of the United States. It consists of cars going around at very high speeds and can drivers can get seriously injured or die.
Don't forget to watch NASCAR race on Sunday.
by Swarsfanatic June 01, 2005
1. A shortened term for moonshine or whiskey.
2. To give off or reflect light.
3. To excel in something.
4. A shortened term for shoeshine.
5. A disparaging term used for a person of the African race.
The game will be held rain or shine.

The police have a warrant to search for shine here.
by Swarsfanatic June 01, 2005
Copeing with and withstanding adversity by being flexible.

go with the flow
He didn't feel like fighting about the toy so he decided to roll with the punches.
by Swarsfanatic May 11, 2005

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