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The perfect guy, is your friend first. He's good looking, which makes you want him more because he's been so sweet during your friendship, but is the one that wants to wait for anything to happen. He doesn't get angry, but if he's upset, he explains himself calmly to you. He makes sure you're compatible before you start a relationship, instead of rushing into things. Once you're dating, you wont care that he has friends that are girls because you don't have a doubt in your mind that he won't be faithful to you. He'll always answer your call. He'll always be there when you cry, and would do anything to make it better. He loves you with or without makeup and would never look at you differently when you don't have it on. Sex never HAS to happen, unless you want it to and he is always willing to "go down on you" and ask for nothing in return. Once he knows, he will tell you about the future he wants to share with you. He'll always be there to cuddle and play with your hair. And anything you ask, he does, just to see you smile.
Damn, that girl is lucky she found the perfect guy!
by swag~so~illest January 11, 2012

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