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It was a hot August 1966 night in Long Beach, New York. My friend rode over to my house on his shiny black Schwinn bike. It was dark enough now and our generator headlights wizzed. Damn things slowed the bikes down but it was fun to see the orange lights get whiter the faster we rode. Racing to meet my best friend on Magnolia Blvd, the three of us would then ride up to Lindell Blvd and hang out with nothing to do. I was ready to ride down to the boardwalk in the cool Atlantic wind. We thought we saw ghosts at Glinda, the Good Witch rotting, condemned mansion at Laurelton Blvd (Billie Burke’s 1939 estate). We were grinning, 14 year-old flying monkeys. This wasn’t Kansas - Manhattan’s glowing dome lit up the sky 17 miles northwest of us like the Emerald City. There were no girls in our life to be jealous over yet, just witches. We were young, dumb and healthy in America’s Finest City.
Atlantic Ocean, Long Beach, New York, Glinda the Good Witch, Gilligan's Island, flying monkeys
by svetlanunobtainable December 31, 2011
Texting while driving is Russian Roulette.

Textass tries to turn the wheel with elbows that can't grip the wheel.

Textass freaks out other drivers. While waiting for green light, textass uses thumbs instead of foot.

Textass plays catch-up with other drivers who rush to get away from them.

Textass speeds by other drivers while smiling at reply text.
Textass uses thumbs to text while driving a car. It's as criminal as SHAKING A BABY to death - YOU CAN DIE and SO CAN WE
by svetlanunobtainable January 01, 2012
Drunk & hungover, at daylite you realise you stayed up too late Your toungue tastes like rats walked on it. Even if you have a job, you've got 1 day to get some rest before your next holiday off - Memorial Day. Your friends text/ring your cell but it clangs like last nights pots & pans. You absolutely do not want runny eggs for breakfast with this stranger you slept with, whose name you can't remember, who snuggles up to your sticky body. You wince at all the promises of love forever you made just to have sex. Here's your resolution - you resolve to slip out of bed as quietly as you can so you can get out the door and puke. You'll stop drinking/drugging one day, but that day's not today, is it?
New Year's Day, hangover, alcoholism, resolution, guilt
by svetlanunobtainable January 01, 2012
GOD constantly exhibits LOVE and MERCY to all in our awareness. He made yellow & red traffic lights that are constantly run through by us in our daily lives. Because we hide our faces from GOD, HE hides HIS face from us. GOD is currently working on ending sin, much as scientists are trying to cure cancer in a Petri dish. We know who GOD is when our best friend or parent suddenly dies - when we carry water in buckets over rubble to earthquake survivors - when we puke from all our porno & bitter attitudes. GOD gave us free choice to run in circles & rationalize HE's not there. Coincidences are GOD's way of remaining anonymous.
Material wants and lusts are magnets pulling us DOWN into carbon dust. Spiritual longing for GOD is love pulling us UP into spirit. This world is a stage - we are actors. Humans are caught in, & torn between carbon dust & loving spirit. The magnetic pull of these two polarities is too much for some of us, but inevitable.
by svetlanunobtainable January 02, 2012
The last 3 letters in THEIRS
Your irs example's due on on April 15th
by svetlanunobtainable December 31, 2011
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