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(n.) (synonym for sluts)
-referring to sluts in the manner or basis that girls (sluts) are just like sailboats; riding a sailboat is great fun, just as sailboats are great to look at and examine it's special unique features that every boat does not retain(same with hotties when enjoying tits, ass and facial features); but messing with the masts, the angles, wind direction and whatnot gets old quick.

Similar to playing with the same hottie for an overly extended period of time, you get bored and wanna jump off the boat just as why you always anchor the sailboat, jump off and go for a swim. Even though your sailboat(slut) may be very intriguing and fun to play with, you always want to upgrade.
hence the reason why large sailboats will have a jet ski or jet boat on the back, just as we keep hotties on the backburner.

friend A: Bra, that sailboat wanted to wife me up
friend B: Jesus dude, same here man. thats why i had to sail asap
friend C: ya man, thats why you gotta get on the boat, go for a quick sail around, then hit the docks to find a new boat to sail for a few days
Random Guy: F*cking sailboats
Random Guy's friend: oh sluts sluts sluts
Used in a sentence: got some sexy sailboats out here today
sluts gap
by suzy greenberg114 February 01, 2011

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