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(Pronouned Tek-ditsee) An adjective describing someone who is slow to catch on to any uses of technology.
The tech-ditzy gentleman lifted his mouse in the air and moved it around and around like a play airplane, hoping this would move the cursor on the computer screen.
by suzannadanna April 26, 2011
Numberfy pronounced nuhm-ber-fie: The act of labeling someone by the economic and cultural definition of those in their geographical area, noted by their phone number country code and area code.
People were sharing their phone numbers at the CommunicAsia conference in Singapore. Someone said "1-212 ..." which means ritzy Manhattan, New York, USA. Others shared their phone numbers in less cool areas of the world. People did numberfy, tending to respect the ones with phone numbers from more coveted areas to be associated with in the world. (Rehan Allahwala is the inventor of this word.)
by suzannadanna April 26, 2011

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