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Using your other hand to masturbate (fap, jerk off, ect...)with when your main hand has intense hands cramps, atheritis, or carnal tunnel syndrome from over fapping.
Guy: Bro, I've got serious Carnal Tunnel Syndrome. I think I'll be depending on my Second Hand Man tonight.
by suskygirl August 18, 2011
Like A cockblock, but instead block yours ability to troll someone.
Facebook wont let me change my name to "No One" or "Nobody" So I can like someone's status and say Nobod like this..... Facebook, you're a Troll-block.
by suskygirl July 14, 2011
A warm mug of chocolately orgasm
"Hot cocoa is the drink of champions."
"its like warm and tasty and full of dreams"
"Hot cocoa is like warm cholate orgasm in a mug<3"
by suskygirl May 14, 2013

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