41 definitions by susan

1. a medical condition where you have one lung
2. a misspelling of "temper" by james
Don't smoke if you have tember!
by Susan April 24, 2005
minwoo is a fashionable hobo
especially when he doesn't shave for a few days, and he wears jeans..it looks like you can find the him on the streets of downtown, L.A.
by susan April 07, 2005
independent contractor, especially one who works in the logging industry.
John Doe is a gyppo logger.
by Susan February 28, 2004
a foolish belief of love among foolish people. is only good in the slightest possible way because has matt in it.
i read some jaybourne last night
by susan November 11, 2004
"There are those who say that Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler's propaganda minister, was the preeminent master of deception in the 20th century. I say President Bill Clinton, along with Attorney General Janet Reno and most of Clinton's cabinet, rank right up there with this 'master of deception.'"
And of course Dan Rather and Michael Moore too. =^_^=
by Susan October 12, 2004
a condom or also known as a rubber
so playa ya eva got a chance 2 use that quarter.
by susan October 24, 2003

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