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A mini and winter/spring version of the warped tour exept it's indoors. 2005 kicked off the first year of the tour with The Used, My Chemical Romance, Killswitch Engage, Senses Fail, A Static Lullaby, Underoath and many more. It includes acoustic stages as well. Very amazing concert.
The Taste of Chaos was the best 5 hours of my life.
by Susan March 09, 2005
The female counterpart for the "fratty", used to describe things that typify the behavior/look of sorority girls.
When Jenny rocks her Lily Pulitzer, she looks so sratty.

I want to go drink Malibu and coke, I'm feeling sratty tonight.
by Susan December 05, 2004
a mix of "handles" and "cobra" originated from a forum user typing "my car handles better than a cobra" and instead skipping over and getting "my car handlobraes better than a c"

HA HA I'm Handlobreaseing!!!!!1
by susan July 06, 2003
MANties -- Panties made for Men
I won't wear womens panties, but I will wear manties
by susan September 21, 2003
this guy also says, "main screen turn on."

also see
Operator: Main screen turn on.
by Susan December 15, 2003
that grossed out feeling like you have slugs in your mouth
Bleech, I put WHAT in my mouth last night?
by Susan March 24, 2004
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