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To take an obnoxious amount of chewing tobacco and place it in one's anal cavity. Creates a firey sensation and is said to "burn like the Dickens." Asses with more hair will experience a higher amount of pain.
Alan: "Hey dude, I gave myself the Chantilly Steamer last night. It felt like a forest fire in my asshole!"
Stu: "Damn..."
by surprisebsex January 04, 2010
Physics term for all the forces applied to a given object. Merely uttering this word gives some physics teachers orgasms. Studies indicate that teachers from Canada and the northern section of the US (specifically Wisconsin) are very likely to experience this phenomenon.
Teacher: Did you make a sketch before you plug and chugged?
Student: Yeah, I drew a free body...
Teacher: Ooooh that makes me happy!
by surprisebsex November 10, 2009
A prank where someone urinates in the victim's shoes, usually a nice, brand new basketball shoe.
Guy #1: Hey, did you hear how that dude got the Sticky Palmer?
Guy #2: Yeah bro, his shoes are gonna smell like that for another month!
by surprisebsex November 16, 2009
A very crusty, disgusting asshole that looks like a spider has been there or should be there. The asshole must contain a rediculous amount of hair, both in the actual hole and on the butt cheeks as well. It can also be found with lower back hair.
Jose: Hey man, you wanna see Charlotte's Web? (reveals Charlotte's Web)
Innocent Bystander: Whoa, that is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. I think I'm going to throw up.
by surprisebsex November 08, 2009

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