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pretty much the best drug out there for under 10 bucks today...unless ur gettin expensive shit, in which, it sucks to be you. and whoever said the high only lasts for 4 hours is a freakin idiot...because im pretty sure it depends on how much u take. trippin on 6 good pills will def. keep u going for over 10 hours, especially when u don't sleep or eat.
"yo man i was trippin' so bad on ecstasy last night that when i walked by this ladies house i could smell this plant that she had in her garden and i was like, yo she prolly doesn't even want that plant cause it smells like shit so im gunna take it for her"

i also stole, a buncha lawn gnombs, a birdbath,a couple plants, some lawn chairs,3 bikes,a toy dog (which i carried around for an hour cause i always wanted a little dog) while wearing a pilon on my head with no shoes. it was pretty great.
by surley hurley September 21, 2007

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