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4 definitions by surferkarl

How one would describe a beautiful Subaru car.
Damnnnn! Karl's STi is Subalicious!
by Surferkarl November 02, 2010
4 0
Death Ride of Death, what you call a particularly humiliating mountain bike ride.
Bill had his mountain bike riding friends join him for a DROD.
by surferkarl April 03, 2010
7 3
When a Subaru decides, for no known reason, to commit suicide.
The only expanation for the demise of the Tribeca was Subacide. It must have realized that it was the ugliest Subaru ever made.
by Surferkarl November 01, 2010
3 1
This Thread is Worthless Without Video
I pulled a crazy stunt on my jetski today!

by surferkarl July 27, 2010
2 1