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What people who play baseball and have never played lacrosse say on urban dictionary because they aren't brave enough to say it to some ones face and prefer to sit on their ass in the middle of a grass field chewing sun flow seeds say
annoying urban dick: lax is gay
#lacrosse #annoying #sports #lax #laccrose
by supye February 27, 2010
a goalie who plays lacrosse (duh) but I would consider insane. They take balls made out of 100% rubber in the legs with out any padding for a living (not to mention the ball is going 100 mph) To be honest they don't always get hit in the legs, and they are allowed to wear shin guards but don't always...
lacrosse hater: being a goalie in lacrosse is easy all you have to do is use a huge plastic net
me: well actually you have to get drilled in the legs by 100 mph balls so its pretty hard to be a lacrosse goalie
#lacrosse #hard #goal #100 #pain
by supye March 16, 2010
some one in halo or a first person shooter who betrays you for no apparent reason and ruins your time playing halo for example. After they betray you they often tea-bag you. if you experience one ban him as soon as possible.

known betrayers include:

and various others
*16 time the same person betrays you on halo C.E.*
you: wtf stop it I haven't done any thing to you
betrayer: Your a noob!!!!!
you: well how am I a noob all I did was enter this server and spawn
#betray #annoying #halo #noob #halo ce
by supye March 15, 2010
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