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An elite group of talented individuals dedicated to the pursuit of fightiing the evil lord voldemort and voldytrees using the power of the jedi, legos, pancakes and nonnative tree chopping superskills!
"ALAS, here beith and evil voldytree of doom! what is there to do! i might as well wait for me imminent doom to come to me. BUT WAIT! i can entrust the death of this evil voldytree with the sacred group of dumbledore's lumberjacks! by george, i know they'll take care of this wretched tree with there fabulous jedi and wizarding powers! and why'll theyre at it im just sure they'll build me a lego castle along with some fresh pancakes to fufill my hungerment needs and desires!"
by supreme overlord lumberjack November 06, 2007

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