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1 definition by supmybitches

An awesome online fps action game, which for some reason if you kill someone around a corner they yell out "Fucking Chammer" and "Hacker, get a life" It is also full of hackers and should try to update their anti-cheat system.
A typical match inside Combat Arms.

Nooblet: Wow, how'd you know I was there? Hacker.

You: Dude I saw you go there, calm your balls man.

Nooblet: Okay sure chammer, teamview?

You: Why? So you can prove your a nub for accussing me of hacking?

Nooblet: Duh. But now your nooby teammates are kicking you so I'll just F5 and go with that.

(Kicked for Hacking)

In the lobby game room after being kicked

You: Sup man, you get kicked too?

Guy 1: Yep, these guys are noobs...

Guy 2: I know they are such faggots.

You: Tell me about it...
by supmybitches January 11, 2010