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A website, similar to FML, with made-up submitted stories. While on FML people talk about their horrible sex life, JATDers talk about how they saw completely unrealistic things happinging in their own town. JATD stands for Just a Typical Day, although the stories are far from "typical". Also, if you submit a story, they will changed the word "life" to "day", making it vary confusing and hard to understand. But it's a great time-waster.
One more thing: the Comments section is a very interesting and/or frightening place. But the conversations that go on there are pretty enertaining, if you're part of them.
Old submission: Today there was nothing good on TV so I decided to go for a walk and ran into my old friend whom I hadn't seen in years. JATD
Today's submission: Today I looked outside and I saw someone riding their bike backwards in a penguin suit. JATD
by superstar14girl February 13, 2011

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