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Small Catholic college/prison, located just west of East Bum-fuck. There are 900 enrolled students but only approximately 50 here on the weekends. By the end of a students freshman year 50% of the freshmen will transfer or be kicked out. The food although technically edible would be rejected even by a homeless person. I think homeless people actually get fed more then us students. When they run out of food thats it.... you starve. Classes are incredibly easy, it's like high school all over again.

Admission requirements: must be a senior in high school, no SAT scores or essays needed.
Every night the campus holds an activity.... excessive drinking, but don't get caught because their fucking whores about it. Watch out for the black ones, they migrate to the lobby until unknown hours into the morning (nothing against them or anything) ...there are more drug dealers than students with 4.0.
Ricky: Man, I don't think I'm gonna get into college Bobby. I have a 1.9 GPA, two arrests for marijuana possession, a drinking problem and I'm no good at sports.

Bobby: Go to Anna Maria College! You'll fit right in! You'll probably start for their sports teams too!
by superslut2015 February 12, 2012

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