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Acronym for "Designated Fat Friend"

the D.F.F. is the friend attractive girls bring with them, because the D.F.F. is unattractive, so in terms of relativity (see even hot chicks use einstein) the hot chick looks even hotter.

the D.F.F. tends to believe that if they are hanging out with beautiful people they must also be beautiful. what is important here, is that they are wrong.

the D.F.F. is historically the person with who the "wingman" must "take one for the team"
You: Oh man that chick is fuckin smokin
wingman: hellz yeah son
You: I'm gonna go talk to her, oh wait, she has a D.F.F.
wingman: FUCK
by supersloth March 06, 2006
Definition? Actually there isn't one, I called Aaron it once and when he said what it was, I said look in the mirror.
insultor: Quiznotch
insultee: What?
insultor: Look in the mirror.
by supersloth June 05, 2003
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