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Im a Laker........and Mountain Lakes is a pretty cool town. It has a great school system, amazing athletics, and everyone has laker pride. yes, there are some snobby girls, but not all of us are like that. if your school doesnt have snobby girls that have to look good....well im pretty sure thats impossible. most girls are not in that group....including me and i have alot of friends....and Boonton Township kids dont hate us... im friends with most of them. yes, sports are important......but you dont have to play lacrosse to be "popular." Our football team is really good an basketball, field hockey, and ice hockey. if you want to hate on mountain lakes go ahead. this town is an extremely nice place to grow up. also to all you people that say you get made fun of if your not white & christian...well thats not true. Im jewish and i never get made fun of.
wow...those mountain lakes kids seem to be good at everything!
by superskittles January 19, 2011

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