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Fucking + Hilarious = Fucklarious
Damn, that video of the guy that looks like the girl crying about Brittany Spears is fucklarious
by superskiier July 10, 2008
A wall comment on facebook
me - dude, karen left me the stupidest wallment last nite

laura - God, karen is such a douche bag!
by superskiier July 10, 2008
Acronym for "Super Ultra Mega Slap"

Used when insulting or scolding someone for what one thinks is tasteless, immoral, or just fucking retarded.

May also be followed by an actual slap.

Coined in 2004, by a kid with an itchy fro and another kid who was just trying to fit in.
Me - Hey Colton, I just went out and bought the new Nightmare Creatures game!

Colton - *SUMS*
by superskiier July 10, 2008

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