16 definitions by supersab

The act of a woman rubbing her clit.
There is nothing hotter than watching a woman piddle the skittle.
by supersab September 15, 2010
Dried up diarrhea under the toilet seat that is not found for days. When it is found, it looks like brownie crumbs.
My wife was so pissed that she had to clean up my brownie crumbs again.
by supersab September 15, 2010
yeast infection
I was gonna go down on her until I saw her chipped beef with mayo.
by SUPERSAB June 25, 2010
An incurable disease in which a person thinks he is a character in stars wars.
Harry has the worst case of star warsitis. He has been running around with a midget painted green on his back and trying to move things with his mind. And he keeps screaming "I have the force".
by supersab September 10, 2010
A person who thinks he is Rocky and wants to fight everyone while drunk.
We are not asking Jason to go to the bar anymore. He got us thrown out the last time because he started a fight with 3 guys. He is such a rockyholic.
by supersab September 01, 2010
Lubing up the anus before anal sex.
Her ass was so tight, I had to gel the well before I hit it.
by supersab November 10, 2010
Blood coated shit. From when a woman pisses in the toilet while having her period therefore making the water bloody. Then she shits in the water coating the shit with blood like making easter eggs.
I went to use my friends bathroom and I almost threw up when i saw his wifes bloody easter eggs in the toilet. Wish people would learn to flush.
by supersab September 16, 2010

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