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1 definition by supermayerfan

According to my followers, my shot-in-the-dark word "pedamundo" means "drunken party world." Are you celebrating Pedamundo this weekend? Petamundo takes place the weekend before father's day. 7 days apologizing for the year's indiscretions, culminating in a nice garden salad.
RT @johncmayer This Friday and Saturday night will be known around the world as Pedamundo. The second weekend of June every year. You know that buzz you have 2.5 drinks in where everything in the world feels achievable? That is Pedamundo. When the lyrics to Sweet Child O' Mine describe your life story, that is Pedamundo. If you could listen to every Beach Boys song instantaneously, it still would lack the feel good summer spirit of Pedamundo
by supermayerfan June 11, 2009
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