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4 definitions by superiormind

A downmarket alternative to a lawn mower, with less power and style.
After investing some $20000 in modifications, I shaved two seconds off my Civic's 30 second 0-60 time!
by superiormind June 22, 2005
The destruction of human creativity, where innocent minds are exploited at a very young age for the purpose of us all becoming ignorant little robots and being no smarter than the other.

Also see hell-fire, misery, self-immolation, agony, impalement, Chinese torture, etc...
In school I learned that two plus two equals four, but why the fuck can't it equal five?

Einstein got D's and F's in school.

Winston Churchill flunked English at least five times.
by superiormind June 22, 2005
Food of choice if you want to know what a heart attack feels like.
That Krispey Kreme doughnut was so good I had to get an angiogram of my coronary arteries after eating it!
by superiormind June 22, 2005
1)To enrage, make insane
Living in Greenwich will Greenwich you.
by superiormind June 25, 2005