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A race of people from Asia or have Asian in their blood.

Not everyone in this race is from a slut, nor gets straight As, nor is amazing at computer games. Stop with the biased definitions!

Lets set everyone straight:

No race is "stupid" or "slutty" or plain fat asses. Caucasians, Asians, Latinos, African-Americans, etc: we all are people. So don't stereotype and stop making up these crazy facts.

And who the hell cares if one race is hotter than the other or one race has the geeks? Seriously.
James: Dude did you see that Asian girl? She looks like such a slut.

Ben: Shut the fuck up! Stop stereotyping, and that happens to be my friend! She's not a slut. *punches*
by supergreen12 October 02, 2009
FMIE is a group of members mostly over 18 who insult members on this virtual site called, "marapets". They make inside jokes about sex, rape, and old men. If you don't know what they are saying they will shun you. They think they are better than everyone, and often belittle people because they have nothing to better to do. The staff is in FMIE too, so if you argue with a member in FMIE you will end up with a forum ban or a site ban. Mostly it consists of a bunch of homosexual single atheists (their "god" is this guy name Blixa Bargled) pretending to be 18, while in reality they are 40 years old+.
(fmie member)- BEND OVAR

(other fmie member) ONLY IF YOAR TENT POLE IS UP FOAR ME.
by supergreen12 May 10, 2009

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