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When your friends know, that no matter where you are going that night, you will be getting laid. Similar to a the program given by airlines, you gain points for frequent flights. Therefore, frequent sexual conquests amount to higher status in the flyer mile program. Points may be redeemed for high fives and free beers at the bar.
Dude, you seriously have to let me join your frequent flyer mile program. Im not even in the club anymore. If I get you a drink, will you let me borrow your card, so I can get some points racked up." "No way man, these points are non-transferable. You gotta earn your way bro.
by superfresh_ska-tee January 10, 2011
The hair from around your anus, being placed into a prepared dish, unknowingly. Can be topped off with frumunda cheese.
Pardon me sir, it would seem there are several Henrys in my soup. I'd prefer less Henry, and more soup. Much Obliged.
by superfresh_ska-tee January 10, 2011

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