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UCB stands for Unintentional Cock Block, when a friend prevents you from kissing, fooling around or otherwise talking to a member of the other sex by accident.
Most commonly ringing you when you are with a girl.
Did you get with Claire last night ?
No man, Matt rang me with a UCB ! His cat died
by superflanker August 11, 2009
Like Hammertime, But better.
Involves drinking by a river, stream, lake or other body of fresh water.
Have a good weekend ?
Yes, spent the weekend by the river ! OTTERTIME !
by superflanker January 19, 2010
When you wake up in the morning after drinking lots of gin and coke. The caffine and the alcohol are both diuretics and thus you wake up in the morning incredibly thirsty and with a incredibly husky voice that makes you sound like batman.
Ahhhh man have you got gin throat ?
God yes, The joker must be stopped !
by superflanker August 11, 2009

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