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The original simulated cockfight. Revolves around capturing cute little animals for the purpose of pitting them against one another in vicious battles, the winner of which gets prize money.
KID: "Hey mom! I was playing Pokemon when I had my red rooster kill a cute yellow rat and after the battle I got prize money!"

MOM: "..."
by superdawge November 28, 2009
1) n. At one point one of Nickelodeon's most popular cartoons that people of many different ages could enjoy, but has recently degraded into a very childish and bland series. He's kind of like a Chemotherapy patient- Nickelodeon has managed to keep him alive, but now he's just a shell of what he was.

2) n. A slang. Another was of saying "Closet Homo".
1) "Hey guys! I was watching Spongebob the other day and I realized they were ripping off episode plots from other cartoons like Baby Looney Toons and Rugrats in a desperate attempt to keep the series going!"

2) "What's up with that new guy at the office? Is he a Spongebob?"
by superdawge October 19, 2009

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