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Enligh Hebrew A Superbek is typically a female who is charismatic, caring, unique, magnetic, free spirited, intelligent, witty, and sensual. A Superbek tends to be Leo who generally plays well with others from the same species but is known for being moody and territorial. The Superbek is a goddess of all that exist and is adored by many.
My girlfriend is perfect, she is a real Superbek.
#super #hero #goddess #idol #rebekah #superbec #superbeck
by superbek January 05, 2009
The slang term refers to a person that chooses to not wear a shirt. This trend was made popular by the Knoxville, TN band The Royal Bangs who "go on vacation" during their live shows.
"Hey man, you wanna go on vacation?"

"Look everybody! Brandon is on vacation!"

"I can't go to work today because I'm goin' on vacation."
#shirtless #chest #bare #royal bangs #vacay #vacation #live #music #fun #happy
by superbek September 30, 2009
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