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Take a woman out into the woods and tie her to a tree stump upside down. Then proceed to pour maple syrup over her naked body while you drive your penis into her resembling a "piledriver". While riding a moose, and occasionally using a milkmachine to lactate her breasts. And feed the milk to the moose.

Best if done while wearing nothing but a ski-mask and a bow tie. This act is exctremely illegal except if done on the 4th of July while holding a sparkler in your left armpit while you sing the "National Anthem" backwards.
Sam: This 4th of July is gonna be crazy Pam gave me permission to try a Alaskan Pancake Piledriver Upsidedown Milkmachine.

Joe: Nice I am definately jealous. If its not too much to ask bring me back some milk.
#alaskan #pancake #piledriver #upsidedown #milkmachine
by superbadchicksgivinmemclovin February 24, 2011
Having extreme vaginal sex with a women resulting in her vagina resembling a pretzel.
Mike: I totally gave Beth a German Pretzel Press

Xavier: Nice! I've only heard legends of the German Pretzel Press. It is said that only one possesing the Penis of Destiny can perform such a task.
#german #pretzel #pretzel press #auntie ann's #vinegar
by superbadchicksgivinmemclovin February 24, 2011
Legendary dick said to be wielded by a magical wizard who's powers rival that of Jesus himself.

Notable Figures in History who died searching for the PoD;

Billy Mays

Elvis Presley


Steve Irwin

Adolf Hitler

Bruce Lee

John F. Kennedy

John Lennon

Pope John Paul II

Julius Caesar

Christopher Colombus

Amelia Earhart

The PoD should not be taken lightly. It is said the one bearing the PoD shall rise again to conquer nations and your mothers pussy. If you encounter the chosen one shield your eyes for his mighty package will melt your face clean off.

Heed this warning and do not fall to the ill fate of those brave souls listed above.
PoD: Penis of Destiny

An ancient spanish manuscript translated from Latin reads:

Colombus sailed the ocean blue in 1492,

He found a cock the size of the Gibralter rock,

and he died a slow painfull face melting death.
#penis #destiny #pod #colombus #powerful wizard
by superbadchicksgivinmemclovin February 24, 2011
catchphrase of Logan Wood. can take the place of asshole, bastard, bitch, cunt, fuck, motherfucker, shit, son of a bitch, etc.
Logan Wood: "We have an accounting test? Mothershit!"
#mothershit #logan #wood #catchphrase #funny
by superbadchicksgivinmemclovin January 23, 2011
Humpin her till she gets lady lumps.
Vincent: I gave Terry a crazy Venezuelan Desert Camel.
Ralph: NICE
#venezuelan #desert #camel #humps #lumps
by superbadchicksgivinmemclovin February 24, 2011
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