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The first and best of the abridged series creators. He created the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Series
Little Kuriboh>>>>Everyone Else
by superawesomedragon April 25, 2009
Every year you gotta take it up the butt from your government and pay them to do their job. <_<
Government: *takes money*
Government: It's called taxes bitch!
by superawesomedragon April 15, 2009
While chatting via texting or chat room and you want to let people know that you have passed gas, this is normally used.
You: " So I was playing Battle Toads yester-"
Friend: "*farts*"
You: "<_<"
by superawesomedragon April 14, 2009
The process of holding a three way phone conversation, whilst partaking in a full on masturbation session. GPJ for short
After a long night of Call of Duty, Phil, Lemar, and Enrique decided to hold a Group Phone Jerk.
by superawesomedragon July 31, 2010
When a Chiemo flips his long, black hair. Can be deadly to himself if done to hard.
The Chiemo flip can make you fall out of your chair.
by superawesomedragon April 20, 2009
Asking questions bout stuff
You: What's up?
Me: I iz philosophizing
by superawesomedragon April 15, 2009
A type of battle main used in the video game franchise "Mortal Kombat
by superawesomedragon January 11, 2009

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