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1) someone who was giving XP users shit because they had vista then switched back to XP because of crashes
2)someone who switches loyalty between XP and Vista more then twice
1) guy #1: OMG john over there had vista like 2 weeks ago, why is he on XP?
guy #2: thats simple john is a Transvistite.
2) (guy #1) month 1: OMG vista is teh bomb!
month 2: vista sucks, XP is waaay better
month three: vista beats XP any day
(guy #2) stop being such a transvistite!
by superatlasman September 28, 2009
two pyrotechnics falling in love
guy #1: yeah the other day i was burning leaves in the public park and this hot chick came down to join me in the festivities! soooo sweet!
guy #2: matches by matches i suppose.
by superatlasman September 28, 2009
someone who drives a gas guzzling car and is so super obsessed with it, that you can tell just by how they talk.
girl #1: yeah my boyfriend owns a hummer, did u know that? awww soooooo dreamy!
girl #2: everyone knows that, he's such a smog whisperer! how could you like a guy like that?
by superatlasman September 28, 2009

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