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a wedgie where the reciever is given several wedgies. the wedgies are usally in this order...

1.) regular wedgie
2.) frontal wedgie
3.) mervin (front and back wedgie)
4.) atomic wedgie (underwear put over the head)
5.) Hanging wedgie or mervin
6.) hang there until underwear rips or are let go
When i was in the 6th grade, a group of 8th graders gave me the worst super wedgie of all time. before the whole process they made me strip into nothing but my briefs in the school hallway. i was so embarressed. then they draged me to the school flagpole with a few other students folowing them. i was torchered with there ritual that they do. (they did that to a 6th grader every week) then they pull me to the top of the flagpole. people laughed took pictures and throw things at me. (most of them did even hit me because the flagpole is very high and i was at the very top) I sayed at the top of it for a total of 6 hours before a teacher noticed. when i got home my brother showed me that the pictures everyone took where all ready online. I went to school the next day and everyone laughed at me the entire day. I was so embarressed.
My parents didnt let me change schools and ever seince them i have been a victom of a super wedgie almost every week now.
by super wedgie man December 02, 2009

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