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Came from the tv show, The Fairly Odd Parents, but added with delux to make it abbreviate into STD, also known as Sexual Transmitted Disease. Can be found on FlyFF, the biggest nub and dumbass of the entire morpg world and will hit on young children ranging from the ages of 1 ~ 7.
random guy: what's an alaskan fire dragon?
super toilet delux: when i come out after a guy is getting a head from a girl and just when i about to come, i whisper in her ear, i have STDs and push her head down on my dick.
random guy: LOL(lack of laughter)
by super toilet delux January 22, 2008
An awesome guild in 2 moons With bob(Iwoabob) as guild leader, Texasliz (sub guild leader) and their children ,californiasteph,&californiaem, and the best Major Torrak
Example 1
Guildy:Torrak ur so sexy an the best major we ever had!
Torrak: I know .I know

Example 2
Torrack loggs out
Guildmember1: Man, he's so fucking gay, why are we saying he's so sexy?
Guildmember2: cause he's blowing someone from acclaim.

GunslingerKa te hi
by super toilet delux January 22, 2008
A fun but time consuming game but not as much as World of Warcraft uhhh it has humongus disconnection problem uhh two sexy guys named torrack and super toilet delux uhh crap i wanna get acclaim pts from this so join
Oh fucking shit its DC again bob WTF, and get Steph off my ass she's fucking anoying. 2 moons is Ahight!
by super toilet delux January 22, 2008

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