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A person who is addicted to the site digg.com and spends the whole day and most of the night in front of the computer, trying to get a "Front Page". That's when one of the submitted websites goes popular and will be displayed in the front page of digg.com and then will create lot's of traffic to the submitted site. Users suffer from an >> Addiggtion
Maggie: "Walt is totally addiggted! He told me last Friday that he will not leave his desk before he'll get another Front Page!"

Jane: "Jeeez, he's SUCH a digg!"
by supaswag March 11, 2008
A person that spends too much time on social networks and therefore has no time left for a social life. The condition is characterized by a combination of symptoms, that interfere with the ability to work, sleep, eat, socialize and enjoy once-pleasurable activities. Heavy users feel "digged out", "undelicioused", "stumbled upon", "pownced" or "twittered up". Disabling episodes of depression can occur that, when not treated with "Real Social Contact" on a regular basis, lead hard core users to just staying in front of their computer without eating, sleeping or going to the toilet till they die >> Social Death.

Bert is such a Social Over Worker, I haven't seen him since we went to the movie premiere of that Titanic film!
by supaswag February 29, 2008

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