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(DROH-NEE) A simple combination between the words drunk and horny. The state of being in which anything that moves is a target for the extra friendly pursuit. Shots heighten the drony effect exquisitely. Creepy old men get drony in a bar when they whistle at hot young women rolling in. College students have a better chance of being successful upon en-drony-ment and either get shit for it or embarrassed at their "fine" picking the night before.
"You were so drony last night!"
"No i wasn't!"
"Yes, then how do you explain making out with the soccer player and then dancing with the hawaiian and then flirting with the bartender?"
"Again? excuse me, i always get too drony"
by sunshinen August 14, 2011
An abbreviation for how you feel after a long, long eventful night of drinking (raging). Often expressed in a calm manner to justify to your friends why you

a) missed plans with them/showed late and looked like hell

b) just ate lots of greasy food or

c) just want to do weird stuff that makes you feel somewhat more human all day
*call* "where are you? we are late for you to meet my mom at brunch"
"sorry, i am so hungo, i need to pull myself together. Give me 10 min."
by sunshinen August 14, 2011
The unspoken encounter between male or female with the opposite sex in which penetration occurs, however, no further engaging actions thereafter. More of a disappointment for the male. Almost a fail for the female.
"Sooo, you have been with how many dudes again?"
"hardly any... i just oopsy booped a few, let's call them baby mistakes and move life on"
by sunshinen August 14, 2011
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