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N. A term used when something redunkulous just happened. Generally used when one is in complete shock and can't put into words what they are thinking.

N. A term used when something really good happened and one is extremely happy. Substitute for OMG, Seriously?, or Are you kidding me?
Kristen: He just blocked me on Facebook.
Sarah: Why??
Kristen: He said I was a creeper..
Sarah: Is this real life??? You freaking hate him!
Kristen: That's what I'm sayin!

Bentley: Farrah, I've liked you since we met in 7th grade. I have been scared to tell you my feelings because I didn't want to lose you..
Farrah: Is this real life? I've always loved you too!
by sunshine53 July 23, 2011
N. When plain old Ridiculous just isn't enough.
Greg: Dude! Lucie got to keep the house AND the car in the divorce settlement! All I got was the kids!
Austin: Is this real life? That's redunkulous!

Sydni: Gas costs $3.45, Grandpa.
Grandpa: That's just redunkulous! When I was a kid, it was only 10 cents per gallon!
by sunshine53 July 23, 2011

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