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4 definitions by sunshine ali

Kimmys number plate
here comes K11 mwy with her funny plate in her lilac car
by sunshine ali February 08, 2010
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By taking your old banger of a car and driving it off a cliff whilst simultaneously engaging in unprotected sex with an axe weilding homocidal maniac you render yourself a wreckless risk-taker
Police officer knocks at door
"I am sorry to inform you that your loved one has met with an unfortunate accident..."
" He/she is a wreckless risk-taker...I guess it was just a matter of timing..."
by sunshine ali February 06, 2010
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a girl or boy called kim who is a faithful friend.
person 1-Hey u wana be my Kimbo sabe?

person 2- sure but only if u want a loyal faithful friend
by sunshine ali February 04, 2010
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your jaw-dropping reaction when you see a pair of really hideous feet.
ME: Check out my bunions...they will definately render you speechless.

YOU: (...silence...) clunk
ME: Well, I never took you to be a pedagog, but I guess my feet are UGLY
by sunshine ali February 06, 2010
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