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The most amazing guy you will ever meet! He is always so caring, loving, sweet, funny and he always knows how to make a girl smile! Once a girl falls in love with him, she is hooked and she thinks about him 24/7 and loves him more and more everyday.. When he falls in love, he tells her that he loves her with all his heart, and she will always be on his mind, which makes her feel like the most important and special girl on the whole planet :)
I love you so much Matthew <3
Girl #1 : Look at that girl holding hands with that guy
Girl #2 : oolala, hes cute! and he seems so sweet!
Girl #1 : I bet he's a matthew.
Girl #2 : true, true.. she is one lucky girl !
Girl #1 : Ya, i would love to have a guy like him...
#amazing #love #important #caring #heart #special #lucky
by sunsetlover951 May 27, 2010
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