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A brand that people who say they don't care about clothes hate... And the same people who "don't judge based on appearance" hate anyone who wears Hollister or Abercrombie. Its interesting that you can have your own styles and yet it apparently makes you a bitch to shop at hollister. Did you know that fasion is considered an art form? It is in the metripolitan museam of art: "Fashion." So why can't people care about what they wear and that includes wearing whatever clothes they want to: vintage shops, goodwill, target, nordstrom, zoomiez, pacsun, ae, abercrombie, hollister, urban outfitters, ann taylor, thisisit, small boutiques, ANYTHING. And people have a right not to be stereotyped for what they wear, and that includes people who wear Hollister.
"I dont care about what people wear... unless they wear hollister or abercrombie: then I hate them!!!"

(is there a contradiction there?)
by sunflower April 19, 2005
A line of clothes just like other clothes that all of you buy. It isn't cheap, but then neither are designer jeans and neither is nordstrom so why are those ok and abercrombie isn't? The problem with abercrombie is that it is associated with a certain type of people. So by saying that only stupid blonde rich bitches shop at abercrombie, isn't that the same as when stupid blonde rich bitches say that someone is a loser because they are wearing similar clothes as last week?
"Original and non-Materialistic" person: "I hate that stupid blonde rich bitch."
Friend: "Why?"
"Original and non-Materialistic" person: "Because she wears abercrombie!"
Friend: "I thought you didn't care what people wear!"
"Original and non-Materialistic" person: "ummm... well... this is different... maybe?"
by sunflower April 19, 2005
pre-sporting event school assembly given to support the sports team that only the preps want o go to
That prep-rally this afternoon went on forever.
by Sunflower January 23, 2005

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