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1 definition by sun god statue

An annual event during spring quarter at UCSD. The one day of the year when the social scene at UCSD erupts, probably because it's been cramped up in the library all year, just waiting to explode. Students of all types emerge from the underground on this day. The campus is filled with fun booths, games, and activities for drunk students to engage in. Most students start to get fucked up as early as possible so that they can walk around campus all day trashed as fuck, pass out in the afternoon, and wake up in time for the concert at night. Students from other schools actually come to UCSD to celebrate Sun God because it is the one day of the year that UCSD is actually cool.
A - "How was Sun God yesterday?"
B - "So much fun"
A - "Really, what did you do?"
B - "I have no fucking idea"
A - "How was Ludacris in concert?"
B - "I dont know, I passed out before it started"
by sun god statue December 26, 2005