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To all the people who claim sports are for dumbfucks, burger-flippers, fuckwads, etc.:
A person's hobbies have nothing to do with their IQ or anything else. Google AMOBI OKOYE -- damn smart and PLAYS IN THE NFL. I played football and baseball as a child, was a talented athlete, and was placed in advanced classes beginning in 3rd grade. So before putting down ALL athletes, think a little bit about what you're saying. I could probably say people who hate sports all have black horn-rimmed glasses, are fatfucks, and sit in front of the TV watching the Simpsons all day, but that wouldn't necessarily be true for the entirety of people who dislike sports. IF YOU STEREOTYPE ATHLETES, YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF.
Don't hate on people who take part in sports because
everyone is an individual person.
by sumo wrestler murderer airplane February 02, 2008

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