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1 definition by summer_storm3000

Piko (ピコ) is a Japanese male singer and the voice provider for the Vocaloid2, Utatane Piko. He was born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan on March 11th, 1988. His earliest known involvement with music was as an amateur vocalist when he was a high school student, and with his mother's advice, Piko posted a vocaloid fandub song on Nicovideo and the song received fame. In September 2009, he made his debut as an independent singer, and this led to the contract with Ki/oon Records (read as "kyuun records"), a subsidiary company of Sony Music Entertainment Inc. in March, 2010. His artist name, Piko, is the namesake of a pet dog he had.

Has the amazing ability to sing in both a female and male vioce.
Piko and Sekihan's most infamous performance is 'magnet'
by summer_storm3000 April 14, 2012
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