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to smell or huff (an article of clothing, body part, excrement, etc.) to a sexual end.
But Melvin had a deviant, selfish reason for offering to wash his sister's laundry. He knew it would afford him ample opportunity to smelve her panties.
Etymology: smell+shelve
by sultunuvsuav November 30, 2008
adj. exorbitantly priced; of or pertaining to a monetary ripoff; scandalously expensive; characterized by excessive taxes, fees
Etymology: inspired by the scandalously high prices in Scandinavia
With a can of soda costing over $2, Helsinki is the most scandinavilous city I've ever visited.
by sultunuvsuav November 30, 2008
v. present participle:
a sexual activity in which gay males take turns ejaculating into the same man's rectum (cornhole), in effect covering their penises (dogs) in the semen (batter, deriv. of 'baby batter'), of fellow penetrators. The end result is penises getting battered with semen and baked in the heat of the man's rectum (oven), thus becoming corndogs (warm penises covered with another's semen), as opposed to simple dogs (uncooked penises without a semen glaze).
After hosting the corn dogging session he was two pounds heavier and his guests' penises dripped like melting candles.
by sultunuvsuav November 30, 2008

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