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One that acts 'silly', 'foolish', and 'stupidly'. Additionally, it is a more offensive way of calling someone that acts likes a 'dork'. Similarly, dorksters are a group of dorks and hang out in groups.

A conservation between person A and person B:
Person A: Lol, that person has been acting very lame and dorky!!
Person B: Congrats to him, he is officially a dorkster.
by suki~ July 01, 2006
The term used in a dorky way to cover up the swear words 'f**k you'. Similarly, this term can sometimes be interpreted as 'I wanna kick you in the face'.
A dorky 'verbal' fight between Person A and Person B.
Person A: Ha! you are dumb!!!
Person B: FOOT U NERD!!!
by suki~ July 01, 2006
1. le thin' is french for "the thing" It is cliche that many people have decided to not waste their spit on things not worth wasting their spit on, (see getting every cents value).The is turned into "le" which is french and tin' stands for "thing". People can use le tin' to describe a person that they think is a cereal dorkster ( see cereal dorkster)or a silly person etc.

2. French for "the thing" in English. It is cliche that le tin' is used in everyday language to describe a person or thing that is a cereal dorkster (see cereal dorkster) or just a dorky person. Derived from slang "da thing", in french it's pronounced as le ti-ing. Many french speaking people use this to describe offensicely a person that is generally a dork or silly person.
E.g. One

person A: Tu comment t'appelles ?
person B: Je m'apelle le tin'

Pronounciation: le ti-ing

E.g. Two
Person X says: comment t'apelles tu? cava?
Person Y says: Cava bien. Je m'apelle Jason.
Person X says: OO la la la la C'est Le tin' !!!!
by suki~ July 01, 2006
An exclaimatory expression used to express supreme surprise, shock, or disappointment. This term is frequently* used by Singaporeans and Thai people.

*Used atleast 30 times daily by an average Singaporean.
A very common conversation between two Singaporeans.

Ahkai: AUNTIE SKY!!!! Introduce me to some pwetty girls at your Xmas party lah. Pwetty PLEASE :X...... I take u out to eat some durian leh.

Skydreamie: OK LA...... Wait... Wah Liao!! ALWAYS DURIAN EH KAI?! Either 'durian' or KFC'. ZzZzzzZ.

by suki~ February 03, 2007
Abbreviated for King Of Dorksters. He or she 'leader' or 'person in charge' of a group of dorksters. The King of Dorksters usually have a more 'dorky' characteristic compared to other dorksters in the same & particular group. The King of Dorksters only retires when someone more 'silly', 'foolish' and 'lame' successfully challenges with the current KOD by having more 'dorky' characteristic than the current KOD.
A conversation between Person A and Person B.
Person A: My ambition is to become the KOD!!!
Person B: LMAO, in your dreams dude. You are 100 years not silly enought to become one.
by suki~ July 01, 2006
Meaning One:To act 'silly', 'foolish', 'stupidly' or in other words to act like a dork.
Meaning Two:Dorky is a WinBoard computer chess program for Windows.
A conversation between person A and person B:
Person A: Lol, why was the teacher so slack to the asian kid, saying "Two Wongs don't make a White."
Person B: ROFL, man that's so dorky.
by suki~ June 30, 2006
Short for 'The Other Guy's Scent'. An offensive term used to describe someone whom you think they stink but you do not want to mention their name. Similarly, it is a coverup, allowing you to discuss about the 'guy's scent' without them knowing. TOGS is also a type of drug that the KOD (see KOD) uses to 'level-up' their current dorkiness level.
A conversation with Person A, Person B and Person C:
Person A: Pfft!!!! What is that smell >.<!!!!
Person B: It must be TOGS!!!!
Person C: Nice ^^ I like it!!!
Person A & B: Yuck!!! you are indeed the KOD.
by suki~ July 01, 2006

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