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a vague reference to something so vague we don't know what it means, presumably a vibrator, or something of that nature that needs batteries or perhaps a solar powered energy source.
As found in Yahoo personals: Don't even think about contacting me if you have a purple vagina candle! WTF man, comeon....what the hell is that buzzing? Oh it's just the neighbor on the roof with her vagina candle. God I wish I could get some sleep, tell her to knock it off!!
by suki matutso November 07, 2004
Another name for a beaver. Originally from a cartoon I saw where two beavers aka, "vagina squirrels" preferred this term over the standard "beaver". They felt "beaver" was a tad pejorative.
Hey dude what's that? "Oh just a couple of vagina squirrels building a dam." Shit, basements gonna flood again!

Or perhaps, you'd prefer:

Man, you remember spring break, dude the place was crawling with vagina squirrels, it was so thick, I had them coming out my ears, I had no idea where to begin...
by suki matutso November 07, 2004
To be for, or support Traxis, whatever that may be. I suppose the second syllable of Protraxis.
I spent the weekend at the Pro-traxis rally, and those Anti-traxis people were really getting on my nerves. I mean come on Traxis is a good thing.
by suki matutso November 07, 2004

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