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Jirk-a-jerk is a common swiss german slang meaning someone who is overly jerky, which made its way to english, through the cultural diversity of switzerland. First j is pronounced as english y, see also jerk, for further understanding.

as adjective: what somebody is being, when they are excessively jerk-like.

as noun: somebody who is excessively a jerk.
Boy 1: I just got 50 emails because this annoying girl just spammed my blog for no reason.
Boy 2: What a jirk-a-jerk.

Nadine: *insert unecessary hater-comment here*
Pascal: You don't have to be such a jirk-a-jerk, you know.

Hans: Can you hear that jirk-a-jerk girl? We're just trying to chill and she's being really loud.
by suisseboy May 28, 2011

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