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This is when you throw loose change into an open crowd of people or on a random place. Watch and see who picks it up, and consider them a jew because they pick up any money they can find. Fun stuff.
A: Hey lets go jew fishing *throws coin*
B: alright
A & B: *watching*
C: *picks up coin*
A & B: hahahaha jew...
#jew fishing #jew finding #reeling in jews #jewdar #jewtrap
by suicide cures cancer September 12, 2006
God moding. This is when a roleplaying person claims to be invinsible or says he or she was not hit or harmed by an attack that clearly struck them. Also when they say that they can kill anyone no matter what
Josh: *shoots your foot*
Fag: *dodges and kills you*
Josh: ooc: dude your fuckin gm
Fag: no im just better
Josh: w/e fag
#god moding #god moder #invinsible #invulnurable #all powerful
by suicide cures cancer September 12, 2006
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