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scottish term for the act of putting one's penis into a partner's rectum.
'bend ower ya boot am gonny pit boaby up the lum'
by sugarvine July 10, 2009
a commonly used insult among scottish gang members utilised to instigate an aggressive response from a rival youth.
'haw you ya bawbag.. yer maw's a junkie.'
by sugarvine July 11, 2009
scottish term for being within the adjoining corridor (hallway) between rooms.
'haw maw, where's ma jacket?'.. 'ot's ben the loaby ya roaster'
by sugarvine July 14, 2009
scottish term to describe the act of being on one's hands and knees in an extremely drunken state.
'that cunt's gonny come hame the shape ae a table.'
by sugarvine July 11, 2009

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